Friday, April 23, 2010


So radiohead is my favorite band on earth ever since I saw them on their kid A tour @ the hollywood bowl in la. ever since I have seen them at least once everytime they come to america. la, chula vista, coachella, 2 nights in a row at madison square garden, giants stadium, etc..

Thom Yorke the lead singer of radiohead's newest project...atoms for peace came to Oakland last week...i went online to buy tiickets opening morning and both dates sold out in the 5 seconds it was taking me to refresh...tix were showing up on craigslist for $250, and I was not really trying to pay all that..on the day of the show a couple hours before my boy bryan called me up with an extra ticket...god bless the universe...

show was amazing...smallest venue I ever scene thom play at..

picked up this sweet poster as well

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