Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I recently have been working with Leecifer on a project to produce a toy from a character from a bunch of his paintings he calls a "Moe". He was allready on his way a bit and had a mold made. I did not make this one... but, I took it over and made a bunch of the 1st round prototype editions of what will eventually become "Moe".

A handful of Moes made their debut at Dragatomi's "Not Vinyl" show and what's left over will be available here for a temporary amount of time.

We even got a few finished in time to let some local artists like Dril 1 , Jay222toys , and Chris Granillo paint a few for the show.

Meet Moe...

here is Leecifer getting to pull a moe out of the mold

and Leecifer posing with GID version

Meet clear resin

on top of some green LED's


with the lights out

100% chocolate ...but i wouldn't eat it I poured resin in the same mold...

vanilla scented candle

rose scented candle

burning rose

burnt rose

one of Leecifer's versions


3 of 3 customized Leecifer Moes

My Mossy Rock version

and My blacked flocked custom Moe..should of gave him cat eyes...

Drils1 custom Moe

Jay 222 toys custom Moe

Chris Granillo Custom Moe

We are gonna make some changes and improvements to moe and pour round two's mold, (which I get to do myself) stay tuned...

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