Monday, February 15, 2010


I broke my New years resolution again, allready, and headed out to Sacremento saturday to go check out the solo show by NREAZON at Dragatomi. I have driven through what the natives call "sac" several times coming to SF from the east or on the way to Tahoe, But never once stopped and got out the car. Never had a reazon until now. I bought a couple amtrak tickets for my boy fumando and myself and headed out on a mission to Sacremento.

After a little pregame baccardi and cranberry on the amtrak, first on the agenda, as always, was find a spot to smoke. what better place then in front of Arnold's house.. the capitol building of the great state of California.

Next it was off to Dragatomi. I first met Ray and Joanne of Dragatomi a year ago or so at the Rocketworld toy show in SF. Both nice people who told me about their little spot in Sacremento and I have been meaning to get up there ever since. My buddy Leecifer has a five man show here in a couple months and I will have a few pieces in a show here called " not vinyl" in April I believe.

Second saturday is artwalk night in "sac". as we walked the dozen or so blocks from the station, there were a ton of people out on the streets, there was a street or two blocked off due to some local talent rocking out. Street vendors, people lighting things on fire and all that fun stuff. as we go to the store conveniently right next door to a medical dispensary and a hydroponic gardening store, Ray was standing outside and greeted me before i even got to the door. I didn't even have to do one of those " hey , remember me ?".

The folks here at Dragatomi have an awesome spot. Sooo many toys stuffed on the's great. They had some cool versions and color waves of stuff I hadn't seen yet. A few Dope Customs, like a giant apelike mega munny by Patrick Francisco... and of coarse the art of the lady of the night miss NREAZON.

NREAZON is a texas based female artist who had done a piece for our 3d canvas show. Since she was having a show in the area I definatley wanted to come show my support and also return her piece from the show.

After checking out her newest work and getting to sit down and chat with NREAZON, I realized this is one very cute, very talented, very busy girl.

She has just completed this whole solo show full of work and has another at the end of the month she is planning on having all new work for.

Aside from gracing many group shows and magazine pages her custom kicks are getting notice in google nexus tv ads. She also has her own line of apparrel and jewelry. The world better watch out for this girl!

So, after some more drooling over toys, a couple baccardi and pinapple juices with ray and a couple ciggarettes out front with Joanne, Fumando and I wandered off with some other friends to check out the show at upper playground and a couple other little participating shops on the artwalk. smoked another one for arnold and headed over to good ole denny's, where we consumed a couple baskets of pancake balls to soak up the liquor and made our way back to the train so I can get home to the studio to get back to work creating.

Thanks for the inspiration miss NREAZON. Awesome show, keep up the good work...I'll be paying attention. Thanks joanne and Ray and everyone over @ dragatomi for putting on a delightful show and being very hospitable hosts. thanks for having me and I'm sure I'll be up thee sooner then later.

for more on NREAZON and her artwork visit her site.

for more on Dragatomi check out their site,

If your ever in Sacremento I definatley recommend checking out their store.

P.S. For all you writers and exciters they carry Montana..Montana golds for only $7.50 and possibly will have belton soon !

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