Sunday, January 31, 2010


I broke my new years stuff last night about not going to art openings or out too much for that matter...but for good reason.

I been trying to get together with Jay222 to work on a toy idea. I was going to hit him up the other day via blog or twitter or some other form of interwebbery when I saw a flyer for him in a show with a guy I was lucky enough to meet before he blew up, my buddy Mars1. I have been going to Mario's shows on both coasts for years and def had to go check out this one...

the show also featured work by Jesse Hernandez, who has done toys for Kid Robot, a cartoon called the "The Nutshack" , and is the host of a new show on cable about vinyl toys and the culture called Vinyl Addiction . Jesse had made it over to the toy show I put together at termina22 but I didn't get the pleasure of meeting him that night, so I was excited about that.

Damon Soule had some work up. He shows with Mars alot. The guy is incredible and another person I'd love to meet one day. Downtimer
, a graff artist who's brought his style into the canvas and gallery world, that's been a friend on my myspace for a good 6 years or something. I've always paid attention to his work but never had the pleasure of meeting. last but not least Nate1 a graff artist that holds a class called "sketching letters" at the the 1AM gallery in SF.

So, I pretty much had to go to this one. for some reason it was out in the burbs in a town called San Mateo instead of in the city... which didn't make sense at 1st. I called by friend Gregory of STRANGEco, whom I met through mario, if he could make it out the house to socialize a little and catch up with our old friend, and knew my buddy Leecifer knew downtimer, Jay222, Jesse and would love to get a chance to meet some of the other artists in the show. So, I went to the gallery website to get the address before leaving the house and realized why ths show was in the burbs..

It was the grand opening of DJ Qbert and Yogafrog's new gallery.

For those of you who don't know Q-bert is a DJ I been listening to since highschool. One of the most famous Dj's to come outta the bay area,,, and since I'm not into too much of this bay area crunk hyphy stuff or too much E40 or anything heiroglifics, pharcyde, and qbert is all the bay area really has for me as far as hip hop goes, depending on how long aesop rock stays out this way...Daily city right by san Mateo is where qbert and shortcut and scratch pickles and a talented bunch of Dj's came out of sometime in the 90's.

I put a pair of pants on that don't have paint completly all over them.( which are getting hard to find ) and jumped on bart with Leecifer to meet gregory who drove down to the show. it was the 1st time leecifer and gregory had been formally introduced which lead to all kinds of great toy conversation, being that Leecifer has the biggest collection of Strangeco toys I ever scene.

The show was awesome...

got too catch up with Jay222, who spent at least an hour or so having people take pics of these characters painted on the side of the building pretend to grab his ass...was pretty great...if I find anyone posting one online I'll grab what me and him put togther this year!

I got to hit up his black book too,, it's been a minute since _ did one of them...

David Chooong Lee and Olivia from Fabric8 Gallery made it out to the show, Got to see My buddy Brin Berliner who just sculpted the che skull bust for frank kozik..

This wasn't at the show but how sick is that...

but this sculpt by Brin for Mars was in the show...

Mario himself on the left

I got to finally got to meet Jesse for a quick minute...I would of like to get a chance to chat with him a little more about his cartoon show project. I am working on a cartoon project myself, that i'll let everyone know about soon enough, and would loved to of picked his brain about that a little bit.

got to meet DJ Qbert, the man himself, who was greeting people at the door. The turntables that had in there, were indeed, pretty sick..

got to meet Oliver Vernon, Marc from fatlace , a bunch of other great people.. the art was great, music was great, people were great.

ot a little private sneek of the offices where there was plenty of nice glossy apple stuff ( which i always like) and a 3ft grey felt qee among other things. would of liked to snuck a pic of that...

afterwards, About thirteen of us rolled out to a restuarant ate drank and discussed art. I was thinking I was happy I broke my new years resolution for the night and I realized how extremely lucky I was to be sitting in this fancy Italian restuarant, and how at this moment I was probably surrounded by more artistic talent at one table at that moment then probably most of my time here on earth... not even just this friday night but almost everyone I've met since i been out here in the bay. It gets me very excited for the future and what's to come...this year and after...

so stay tuned...

and if your in the san mateo area or anywhere around San Francisco see about stopping in to Thudrumble and check out the art !

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  1. Great seeing u! super lagged on posting a comment on here. great coverage from the show; unlike me. LOL