Wednesday, January 27, 2010

TABLET part 2

OK, I changed my mind.. I don't want it...

whacksauce...Apple... whacksauce...

I don't even know where to start, this thing is the touchscreen computer I been waiting for but runs on a phone os...

This device might be perfect for me, If i was under twelve or over fifty.

Is this our future ? Dumbed downed versions of programs called apps ? How awesome would it be to dip your fingers into a color palette and paint in photoshop? Instead, I got some app called brushes. Am I supposed to be happy cause it actually has multiple layer options? Where is the desktop and folders ? The abilties to run a real program?

have we really digressed to a dashboard operating system and widget applications ?

only syncing ? can I plug monitors into this thing ? can I use it like a big remote control for my itunes ? Or, as a wireless keyboard for my mac pro ?

Why is there no camera on this thing ?
Why no mobile video chat from the #1 mobile company in the world? Not even on the iphone? Why are we like 5 years behind the japanese with video cellphones ? We should be on mobile video multichat by now. I can look at all my beautiful pictures on my ipad but I can't take one ?

Now i have to admit the gaming and the google street view looks like it will be somewhat awesome, and, could possibly be the world's best new GPS/navigation device. But, games built for an ipod instead of some real graphics ? I think you could of done a little better then that. This thing is more of a toy and media player rather then a tool

and why are you so sleeping on letting us use the apple tv as a gaming system? There is all ready a contract with EA sports ...a bunch of games for mac available through your istores, Bluetooth capabilities for wireless controllers, Or, Maybe an app that turns your iphone or ipod touch into a touch screen bluetooth game controller, and, what appears to be a stronger os then your ipad. Playstation was the greatest selling product in sony history. Xbox is one of the strongest legs of the microsoft empire. You have no desire to step in that arena ? Your gonna focus on ipod touch games? Really ?

then i almost forgot what for me is probably the biggest kick in the ass...the fact that there is still no flash support, so I can not even look at my own site on the ipad.

So, This is all you have for us this year ? No monitor redesigns? why are you almost two years behind dell and hp in touchscreen monitors ? What about some bigger monitors or hdtv's ? it's been more then a year since you dropped computer from your name. Maybe touchscreen hdtv's. Maybe with a little appletv built right in that bad boy.

Can I leave att who has been raping me since I got a iphone plan ?

Nothing on this itunes subscription service we have been hearing so much about ?

No new iphone OS update ?

I really don't know what to say Apple...sooo much potential...and such misdirected focus. If you guys ever wanna talk I am right here for you... you won't ever have to pay me a cent. I am just down to get this advancement thing on the road. After all how many years do we all have left to wait for these things ?

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