Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The lebowski's

So... I sculpted these two toys of the big Lebowski the multiversal group show at Art Basel, in miami florida last month... Art basel is probably the biggest art show in the united states and i was very proud to take part in this one..

super sculpey and acrylics over two 8" vinyl munny's.

Jefferey the dude " mind if I do a jay ? " Lebowski

Walter " i'll get you a toe by 3:00, with nail polish " Sobchak

you can see some more pics at my site here here

anyway the figures seem to be getting a good response and i really like the way they turned out...so this year in the spirit of the Lebowski toys i am gonna produce fifty different television movie and music figures similar to these two guys...i have all fifty planned out and more i would like to do put i figured i set a modest goal and see if i can reach that first...

i don't wanna give them all away and keep most a surprise...but i'll tell ya I am working on two characters from fear and loathing in las vegas now and will be doing three characters from my all time favorite tv show the trailer park boys after that..to find out the rest your gonna have to stay tuned....

P.S.. and sorry kid robot but i might have to make a mold of your munny for that since i am not spending 1500 bucks on munnies to do all these things...


  1. Love the Munnys, They are great, saw you Comment on My Post of them, http://vanitysmurfwt.blogspot.com/ May I suggest a munny based on my favorite movie Charecter Bandit from "Smokey and the Bandit"
    I've only seen it about 360 times, it the best.

  2. Got a pretty long list for now...but I will def keep that in mind and keep you posted if it happens...thanks for the kind words !