Saturday, January 23, 2010


I have always loved toys...who hasn't ...loved heman...legos were my favorite,,,started to look at it as more of a collectible thing as pppsed to smething to destroy around the time mcfarlane started doing spawn characters...kept an eye when kidrobot 1st opened its doors in manhatten...and lve the fact that some of my favorite artist produce a small vynil affordable keepsake i can bring home and put on the shelf...

over the last couple years i have had the pleasure through my boy MARS1 1 of working with a designer toy company called STRANGEco ...the owners are 2 of the coolest people you'll ever meet..and through me deeper into the world and realm of the vinyl toy..

I starting making my first custom toys only less then a year ago when we started planning a big toy show at the terminal22 gallery last year...since i have been getting invited to al types of toy shows from munnies to qee's to japanese vinyl for a show for a show at Super7 in sf ...the guys there are pretty super this year since fate is kinda pulling me that way anyway I am gonna dedicate a bunch of time to pumping out some serious toy action...

stay tuned !

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