Saturday, January 23, 2010


So it's 2010 a new year with new focuses. One of my best friends Evan quit his wall street gig to go on a year long journey around the world...which would be awesome but I am def not financially set to join in at this moment...but you can check out his travels and awesome pics here at a bunch of my other childhood chums are getting married and settling down...which is awesome as well but most likely not in the cards for me and definatley not in my plans for this of the other most important people in my life just started walking again for the first time in over a decade with the help of some braces after getting into an accident when we were in the spirit of what i called my extended family and some of the great artists I have met since moving to the bay area I am gonna take this year to do something quite the opposite of evan and lock my self in the studio and spend the whole year on myself...i have swarn off girls, bars, parties, art openings and social gatherings for the whole year..I have been sooo busy this past year ,,,involved in so many projects and working on a gallery here in oakland called terminal22. it's been super fun and I have met a ton of awesome people in the process...but it's all beena real lot of work and i have been pretty broke since we started it...and i kind of lost focus on my main reason to move back out to california was to relax and make art...

I have had an account on blogspot for years and never posted any thing til now... I am gonna use this to document my year of seclusion and see what ideas and art come out of it...first thing on the agenda will be updating my website which has not been touched in a year and a half.

so stay tuned ....

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