Tuesday, March 30, 2010


so I figured I'd give some of my friends who don't get to come out and visit, a peek at my place and studio... I moved into here from my 3 bedroom down the street maybe about 6 months ago and I'm getting settled in enough to do so. still alot of work to go, but it's getting there...

let's start with the skateboards..

the collection is getting big..if any artists are out there I love to do trades for decks...

the paint...ther's actually more but a bunch of cans are onsite on a project somewhere..

the spraybooth...for painting and drying and sucking the smell out.
damn, there's a bunch of nonsence piled on there right now huh?

then comes the toys..


i need to paint behind these shelfs..

possibly my favorite artist Jeremy Fish..
notice the signature on the camper through the blurry iphone lense..whoo..whoo..

Ron english...

"love is cold"
this has a clear resin heart that lights up...
that Ii did not feel like plugging in for picture...
will have more icicles after my next trip to resin store..

Sam Flores

Jermaine Rogers


Alex Pardee

Toys about to be customized...

main art desk..
this is a toy me and J222 are working on for Dragatomi's "not vinyl" show

japanese vinyl shelf... need some more of these

customs shelf... need a lot more of these too..

the big toy shelf...

my control center

the rest of it...
and my collection of macs...


my earthquake warning system

and yes every bottle is different...
i try to get something new everytiime I'm @ Bevmo

this is a sneak of my oaksterdam piece...
to be unveiled and hanging in the patient ID center soon !

the moulding table

the sculpting and work desk

I have been in the middle of doing a underwater mural in the bathroom for several months now...

hopeully will be done soon....

well I hope you enjoyed your peek into the studio...
I'll get a better camera and update in a few months when i get a little more fixing up done...

to see the rest of the place you have to come visit !

P. S. Hi Belinda and laila !


  1. I've been here, and let me tell you blog readers, it is better than the photos. Dude has the ULTIMATE man cave. We married men can only dream (and visit).

  2. damn that ikea desk is still alive.